About Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging

The CFU group Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging (CFU) was established in 1998 by Professor Jørgen Arendt Jensen, who is still heading the enterprise.

Initially, the center was a collaboration between DTU, Herlev University Hospital, and the private companies B-K Medical A/S and I/O Consulting A/S. Besides these partners, the Center has also collaborated with General Electric, Vermon, and Duke University.

Currently the center is sponsored by DTU, The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation and B-K Medical A/S.

Our mission is to invent techniques for real time implementation of synthetic aperture ultrasound imaging and to investigate the clinical efficacy of such methods.

The main purpose is to develop new ultrasound concepts that can be used for both interactive high precision ultrasound imaging and functional imaging for physiological measurements to improve the diagnostic capabilities of ultrasound.

CFU employs a number of PhD students as well as several guest researchers and post.docs.