Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging

David Bradway


At CFU, we research in advanced digital ultrasound systems for anatomic imaging and flow imaging.

On this website, you will find information on all current research projects, our facilities, the people involved, and publications since the center was established in 1998.

New PhD and Postdoc positions at CFU

A number of postdoc and 3-year PhD scholarships are available at the Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging (CFU), Department of Health Technology (DTU Health Tech) from August and September 2022. The projects are sponsored by the European Research Council (ERC) and the Department of Health Technology at DTU. They are conducted in collaboration between CFU and the MEMS group at DTU Health Tech, the University of Copenhagen, and the Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet) in the ERC Synergy Grant “3-D Super resolution Ultrasound Real time imaging of Erythrocytes” - SURE.

The SURE project develops and researches a new super resolution ultrasound imaging method capable of resolving 3-D flow in the human body. The approach tracks the motion of the individual red blood cells (erythrocytes) in a three-dimensional volume for a full visualization of anatomy, flow, and perfusion. The approach can potentially yield a paradigm shift in the scientific study, diagnoses, and treatment of cancer, diabetes, and vascular diseases at the capillary level, as it enables the possibility of volumetrically visualizing  perfusion in real-time at frame rates above 20 Hz without injection of contrast agents.

The projects are listed below, and are applied for through the DTU system.

PhD scholarship in GPU Processing for 3-D Super Resolution Ultrasound Imaging (Deadline for application 3 June 2022)
PhD scholarship in Deep Learning for Super Resolution Ultrasound Imaging
(Deadline for application 10 June 2022)
PhD scholarship in Tendon Flow Imaging
(Deadline for application 10 June 2022)
PhD scholarship in Validation and Quantification of Super Resolution Ultrasound Imaging using Micro-CT
(Deadline for application 15 June 2022)
Postdoc in Motion Estimation in Super Resolution Ultrasound Imaging
(Deadline for application 10 June 2022)

Further information is available at or from Professor Jørgen Arendt Jensen,
tel: +45 4525 3924, e-mail:

Tomasso di Ianni

Vector Flow Imaging Compared with Pulse Wave Doppler for Estimation of Peak Velocity in the Portal Vein

The study described here investigates whether angle-independent vector flow imaging technique estimates peak velocities in the portal vein comparably to pulsed wave Doppler.