Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging

David Bradway


At CFU, we research in advanced digital ultrasound systems for anatomic imaging and flow imaging.

On this website, you will find information on all current research projects, our facilities, the people involved, and publications since the center was established in 1998.

Full Professorship and Associate Professorship available

The incoming Professor or Associate Professor will conduct and lead research in advanced ultrasound imaging, obtain funding for expanding the research group, and teach in Biomedical Engineering courses with an emphasis on imaging, programming, and signal processing at all levels.

You will be part of the Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging (CFU) in the UltraSound and Biomechanics section at DTU Health Tech.

We are looking for candidates, who have strong proven track records in research and education in the field of advanced ultrasound imaging. You must be able to significantly contribute to fundraising, the innovation in the above fields, and be a research leader at the highest international level. This entails being the main advisor of PhD students, writing papers and patents, raising research funds for hiring PhD students and postdocs, developing new strategic initiatives within research and teaching, and maintaining the international level of the research facilities at CFU and the USB Section.

For more information, please contact Professor Jørgen Arendt Jensen (tel. +45 4525 3924, e-mail)

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Professor in Advanced Ultrasound Imaging

Associate Professor or DTU Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Advanced Ultrasound Imaging


For further info, please check out the Candidate Brochure for Professor in Advanced Ultrasound Imaging

Center for Fast Ultrasound (CFU)

The Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging (CFU) was inaugurated in 1998 by Professor Jørgen Arendt Jensen and has pioneered a range of innovations in medical ultrasound. The major contributions include ultrasound simulation with development and maintenance of the gold standard Field II program, and development of ultrasound research scanners including the pioneering RASMUS and SARUS systems. CFU also invented transverse oscillation vector flow imaging (VFI), which was commercially introduced on BK Medical scanners for the worlds first clinical VFI. Major results have also been presented within anatomic and vector flow synthetic aperture imaging in 2-D with commercial arrays and in 3-D with row-column arrays, which has resulted in 27 sold patents.

CFU is currently sponsored by an 10 million Euro ERC Synergy grant for super resolution imaging and houses one professor, a senior researcher, 2 postdocs and 15 technical and clinical PhD students. We have collaborations with several departments at DTU as well as the University of Copenhagen and University hospitals in the Copenhagen region. We have extensive research facilities in terms of 5 research scanners (SARUS and 4 Verasonics scanners), robot measurement systems, flow rigs, extensive collection of probes and commercial scanners and several cluster and GPU computers for finite element and ultrasound simulation and image processing. The USB section also houses the MEMS group, with full clean-room facilities for fabricating and testing 1-D and 2-D CMUT probes, and the Biomechanics group for advanced finite element flow simulations.

Anatomic and Functional Imaging using Row-Column Arrays

The paper demonstrates the potential of row-column (RC) arrays to yield full 3D ultrasound imaging with a greatly reduced number of elements compared to fully populated arrays.