Collaboration partners

CFU cooperates closely with the industry as well as hospitals and other research institutions.

Our current research project, which will radically innovate the usage of ultrasound real time imaging in the health care sector through the development of portable pocket-size imaging systems as easy to use as an iPad, is conducted in collaboration with six partners:

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BK Medical has pioneered several medical applications like prostate/brachy therapy, colorectal scanning, laparoscopic ultrasound, robotic ultrasound, pelvic floor scanning etc. and has more than 15 years of experience in co-working with leading universities and innovators around the world.

BK Medical will develop and deliver ultrasound scanners and transducer technologies as well as conceptual prototypes, allocate engineering, architects, senior engineers, PhDs in algorithms and project management.




The Alexandra Institute has an extensive understanding of medical imaging from many projects within the medical world; segmentation of MR and CT, surgical simulation within ear and heart region and medical image analysis within the heart and abdominal region.

The Alexandra Institute is well trained in working interdisciplinary with e.g. surgeons, designers, game developers etc. and will contribute with research based software development within distributed GPU computing as well as bridge building between new research results and industry applications of software innovation.



Meggitt are world leading in high quality advanced piezo-thick film technology and lead-free piezoceramic materials.

Meggitt will contribute with knowledge and know-how in piezoelectric ultrasonic transducers, including experimental piezoelectric micro-machined ultrasonic transducers (pMUT) based on PZT thick films Experience in electronic, packaging, and system integration.



Copenhagen University Hospital (The Department of Diagnostic Radiology) offers extensive clinical experience in all ultrasound imaging methods including Doppler and 3D and has experts in all imaging modalities at the highest level with access to MR, CT, PET, PET/CT or PET/MR for comparison. The research group has expertise in writing clinical research protocols and getting ethical approval.

The department will contribute with doubled blinded evaluation of clinical images using a number of experienced doctors are experts in writing clinical research protocols and getting ethical approval. 



DTU Elektro's Analog Group has worked with circuit design in CMOS technology for more than 20 years and has access to the design tools and fabrication channels necessary for the fabrication of prototype devices.

The group will contribute with knowledge on the design of integrated analog and mixed signal circuits, including preamplifiers and data converters. 


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DTU Nanotech has successfully built up a platform for the fabrication of capacitive devices in collaboration with Grundfos. This platform has recently been updated to fabrication of CMUT’s.

The group will provide CMUT design, development of CMUT MEMS fabrication processes, extensive micro-nano clean room facilities, CMUT fabrication technology, fabrication of CMUT’s in the DANCHIP clean room