The Onda acoustic intensity measurement system is designed to measure ultrasound intensities from diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound devices.

It includes a scanning tank with a positioning controller and external devices as oscilloscope, function generator, and hydrophones. The positioning system can control the step motor with the accuracy of 11.08 μm per step and six axises can be used to position the object.

With the software Soniq 5.0, we can control all the components in one interface. The signal from the hydrophone is sampled by the oscilloscope and stored by the attached computer.

The Onda system can obtain a range of information from the signal such as pressure, pulse intensity integral, average voltage, peak or negative voltage and the complete waveform.

The system can easily make 1D, 2D or 3D scans and the user can choose any plane of interest.

After the measurement, the system is able to create an automatic report with all measurement parameters and results. The original data can also be saved in an excel format to be used later, where the waveforms can be found at each point.

This system will ensure that measurements conducted at CFU follow FDA regulatory limits.